Member Name on Website

I have updated website to where the member’s name will appear at the top of the home page.  It will look something like… “Referred by: FirstName LastName.”  This doesn’t change how the software works.  It worked perfectly fine in the past, and still does so today.  Adding the “Referred by” at the top of the page simply gives members a piece of mind that prospects are viewing their website.  If you want to test it, be sure type your Complete URL into your browser and then once you’re on the NMplus website, click the refresh button in your browser.  This should clear out the cookies in your browser and show your name in the referred by section.

Updated FB and Twitter

Just updated the links to Facebook and Twitter.  I had inserted by personal information, just to get the website started.  These links are now completely focused on Network Marketing Plus.

Website Taking Shape

I’ve spent several hours updating the website so far.  I really like this WordPress theme.  It has a couple of draw-backs… but over all very nice.

I think your NMplus prospects will find this site very user-friendly and appealing.  Should have it completed in a couple of weeks, but it’s active now.  If your prospects want to join NMplus on-line, they can do so right now.

Hello world!

Welcome to Network Marketing Plus.  I am completely updating the website with a completion goal of August 1, 2017.  Please check back often.