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JDI is a Network Marketing Division of SAS Health & Beauty Corp.  DEBT FREE and Poised for Exponential Growth.  JDI’s flagship product is “MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Neustem Cell Nutrtion Support“.  This is a patented and proprietary formulation that targets Adult Stem Cell Support.


Adult Stem Cells appear to be one of the natural repair systems of our bodies.  As we age, our adult stem cells seem to decline.  Many believe stem cell nutrition can assist with health, tissue, and organ repair functions.*  The JDI formulation has been demonstrated to increase adult stem cell circulation in various studies.  No one can predict an exact amount of increase as everyone and conditions differ.  In addition, many potential health benefits may be offered by these key ingredients.∗


JDI International offers a complete line of product, including:

» Vita-Stim™

» JDI Miracle Serum™

» JDI Veral™

» SAS Flower of Youth™ Facial Lift Spray

Coming Soon

» CBD Plus™


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  JDI products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.








This Compensation Plan was designed to help the Everyday person create Long-Term Wealth.  Whether your goal is an Extra $500… $2,500… $7,000 a Month or More… this compensation plan helps you achieve it!

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* All examples are for illustrative purposes only.  As with any home business, there is no guarantee of income… but the income potential is unlimited.  This is a commission based program where results vary, depending on your marketing efforts.

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We are a team of Independent Affiliates for JD International.  The Website you’re reviewing right now is the “Team Site” dedicated to helping our members Grow Their JDI International Home Business. 



Network Marketing Plus is not for individuals with a get-rich-quick “Lottery” mentality.  This is a proven system for serious minded individuals willing to consistently put forth a simple effort to create Home Business Wealth that is Beyond Their Wildest Dreams!  I’ve used this same type system to build Downline Teams in excess of 17,000 Members… and now it’s available to YOU!




Stop Wasting Your Time on “Money Games” and Hype!  Use My System to Build Real Home Business Wealth!


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