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Earning an Extra $397 a Day Would Be Great!  Wouldn’t It?!

I know you’ve heard it all before… but the System you’re about to learn is something different!

I’m about to show you how 2 Profitable Affiliate Programs… combined with the NMplus FREE ADVERTISING CO-OP... Creates an Auto-Pilot Wealth Building System for People just like You!

There are 3 websites You Need to Check Out to get a Complete Understanding of this Extremely Effective Online Business Building System.

The FIRST WEBSITE  you need to view is the One Your Looking At Right Now!

The links to the Other 2 Websites You Need to View are in the Email Message You Received after entering your information on our Landing Page.   Check Your Email Right Now (including your spam folder) and make sure you received that Email Message.  It’s Extremely Important!

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Continue on to discover more about how the Unique NMplus Online System Can Help You Succeed in Your Very Own Network Marketing Home Business!


JDI International

The NMplus System is Comprised of 2 Affiliate Programs, so You Earn 2 Streams of Income with One Simple Effort!  And Our FREE Advertising Co-op Makes It Extremely EASY!

The First Affiliate Program:

JDI is a Network Marketing Division of Emergent Health Corp., which is DEBT FREE and Poised for Exponential Growth.  JDI’s flagship product is “MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Neustem Cell Nutrition Support“.  This is a patented and proprietary formulation that targets Adult Stem Cell Support.

JDI International Offers a Complete Line of Products

The JDI Product Line Includes...

MutliVitamin-MultiMineral with Neustem™ Cell Nutrition Support… Vita-Stim™… CellViver™ Weight-Loss Shake… JDI Miracle Serum… JDI Veral™… SAS Flower of Youth Facial Lift Spray… with CBD Plus™ and many more Coming Soon!

Many People want to know the importance of Adult Stem Cell Health.  Watch the video below for information on this Important Health Issue!

For More Information on the JDI International Product Line, Click the Link In the Email You Received.

This Compensation Plan was designed to help the Everyday Person to Create Long-Term Wealth!  Whether Your Goal is an Extra $500… $2,500… $7,000 a Month or More… this Compensation Plan Helps You Achieve It!

For More Information on the JDI International Compensation Plan, Click the Link in the Email You Received.

* All examples are for illustrative purposes only.  As with any home business, there is no guarantee of income… but the income potential is unlimited.  This is a commission based program where results vary, depending on your marketing efforts.

Power Lead System

The Key to the Success of the NMplus Online System is our FREE Advertising Co-op… which needs our 2nd Affiliate Program to Make It Work!

Power Lead System Gives You the Online Tools Needed to Operate a Successful Business!

If you truly desire to succeed in 21st Century Network Marketing, You NEED a Complete Online “Sales Funnel” System!  That’s what you get with the Power Lead System.  And not only do you get a complete Online System… You Also Earn Extra Income with the PLS “Accelerated Leverage” Compensation Plan.   Watch this Video for More Details.

With the PLS "Accelerated Leverage" Compensation Plan You can Generate a Flood of $20 Monthly Residual Commissions That Can Add Up to THOUSANDS Per MONTH!

Online Tools + Extra Income

With the Power Lead System you get a complete "Sales Funnel" System, with the Exact Same Landing Page and Emails that I use. Set-Up is Super Simple! We give you complete Step-by-Step Instructions, and If you ever need any assistance during set-up, we're glad to help!

Power Lead System also Gives You Professional Lead Generating Training as Part of the Gold Membership! This Coveted Training Teachers You How to Generate Even More Free Leads Through Social Networking.

PLUS... You Can Generate a Flood of $20 Monthly Commissions!

You'll Find Your Sponsor's Link to the "Power Lead System" in the Emails You Received!

How System Works


Income Stream #1

Join JDI International

Income Stream #2

Join Power Lead System

Simple Set Up

Set Up PLS Landing Page and Email Auto-Responder. Use my pre-built Landing Page & Emails for Super Simple Set-Up!

Free Advertising Co-op

The NMplus "Free Advertising Co-op" Sends Prospects to Your Landing Page!

That's It! Super Simple! And If You Want to Build Your Business Faster... Use Our Recommending Lead Sources!


Join JDI International and Power Lead System from the Links in the Emails You Received!

Once you’ve joined both Affiliate Programs, simply send your Contact Information and ID for each program to admin@nmplus.com.  

Once I verify the information, I’ll add you to the NMplus “Free Advertising Co-op” and Your Business Will be Off and Running!