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Welcome to Network Marketing Plus.  

Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, is the last great hope for ordinary people to earn extraordinary incomes!  Matter of fact, through the years individuals have earned more in MLM than Doctors and Lawyers earn… and many have don so without any sort of formal education.  When it come to earning HUGE Incomes… Multi-Level Marketing is the Great Equalizer!

There are 2 Obstacle that keep ordinary people from achieving massive MLM success.


Generating Up-front Profits to off-set the Marketing Costs.  ANY home business takes Time, Effort & Working Capital.  The cost of postcards, leads, and postage can add up… and everyday, ordinary people need to generate a Cash-Flow to off-set these costs.



Finding an MLM Company with Unique Products and a Compensation Plan that rewards the “Little Guy” as well as the “heavy hitter.”  No more “me-too” products and a complicated Compensation plan that rewards only “Heavy Hitters.”  We need unique products along with a Compensation plan that’s Fair & Profitable!



To Overcome these 2 Obstacles, I’ve developed a Super System called “Network Marketing Plus.”  I’ve used this same type system to build downlines in excess of 17,000 Members… and Now it’s Available to YOU!  Read on for Details on this extremely simple system, that can work for even the shyest person in the world!



Phase-1 Overcomes Obstacle #1

As with any MLM program, your goal is to build as large of a Downline Team as possible.  To do so, you simply mail the NMplus Postcard or Flyer imprinted with your ID.  When someone responds to your marketing efforts… The Rayburn Group (TRG) mails them an information pack… and when they join NMplus YOU Earn a $50 Commission Check!



The Phase-1 commission checks are mailed WEEKLY to help you offset Marketing Costs!

Once You Earn Your FIRST $50 Commission, Only Then Can You Join Phase-2…


Phase-2 Overcomes Obstacle #2 with…

JDI is a Network Marketing Division of SAS Health & Beauty Corp.  DEBT FREE and Poised for Exponential Growth.  JDI’s flagship product is “MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Neustem Cell Nutrtion Support“.  This is a patented and proprietary formulation that targets Adult Stem Cell Support.

Adult Stem Cells appear to be one of the natural repair systems of our bodies.  As we age, our adult stem cells seem to decline.  Many believe stem cell nutrition can assist with health, tissue, and organ repair functions.*  The JDI formulation has been demonstrated to increase adult stem cell circulation in various studies.  No one can predict an exact amount of increase as everyone and conditions differ.  In addition, many potential health benefits may be offered by these key ingredients.  In addition to this flagship product, JDI offers several other proprietary products with more to come.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  JDI products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


This is Where Long-Term Residual Wealth is Built!

The JDI International Compensation Plan is specifically designed to help you achieve your financial goals.  It pays a whopping 20% on Level-1 to help you get into profit faster… Plus 5% on Levels 2 – 7!   Build as wide as you want for Unlimited Income Potential!

This Compensation Plan was designed to help the Everyday person create Long-Term Wealth.  Whether your goal is an Extra $500… $2,500… $7,000 a Month or More… this compensation plan helps you achieve it!


Earn as Many $50 Commissions as You Want… Plus Build Life-Changing Wealth with One Simple Effort!  That’s a Smart Business System!


How the System Works

 The Simplicity and Power of the NMplus System.

You join the Network Marketing Plus System.

♦ When you receive your New Member kit, simply start mailing Postcards or Flyers, or direct real people to your website.

♦ When a prospect responds to your marketing efforts, TRG (The Rayburn Group) send them an information pack tagged with your ID.

♦ Every time a prospect joins from your marketing efforts… YOU receive a $50 Commission, which is Phase-1.  These commissions are Mailed Weekly!

♦ Along with your FIRST $50 Commission… you join Phase-2, which is the JDI International MLM opportunity.  This is a Monthly Residual Income Program!

♦ When your NMplus members receive their First $50 Commission, they “Follow You” into JDI International, helping you to build Long-term Wealth!


Network Marketing Plus is not for individuals with a get-rich-quick “Lottery” mentality.  This is a proven system for serious minded individuals willing to consistently put forth a simple effort to create Home Business Wealth that is Beyond Their Wildest Dreams!  I’ve used this same type system to build Downline Teams in excess of 17,000 Members… and now it’s available to YOU!

Stop Wasting Your Time on “Money Games” and Hype!  Use My System to Build Real Home Business Wealth!


Join Now

Are Your Ready to Earn a Flood of $50 Commissions Plus Build Long-Term Residual Wealth with One Simple Effort?

Here’s what you get when joining NMplus by purchasing the product package.

♦ 120 Mailing Leads on Peel-n-Stick Labels… $20 Value

♦ Special Report: “Direct Mail Profit in the 21st Century“… $20 Value

♦ Master Copy of Marketing Flyer & Postcard… $20 Value

♦ Your Own NMplus Marketing Website, just like this one… $240 Value

♦ Deluxe New Member Kit sent by direct mail with step-by-step instructions… $30 Value.


That’s over a $330 Value for the Low “One-Time” Phase-1 Payment of only $79.00


Here’s How to Get Started Now!

Step 1: Simply click on the “Join Now” link.  Complete the registration page.  Please Note:  Username MUST be between 6 to 8 characters ONLY.  Any username longer than 8 characters will be shortened by Admin so it fits on marketing material properly.

Step 2:  Once registration page is submitted, you will be redirected to the payment page, where the $79 payment can be made safely and securely.

Please Note:  NMplus Does Not offer “free” membership.  All Non-Paid registrations are deleted within 24 hours.


Don’t Put Your Financial Future on Hold! 



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